RoadRider 2.0 - Beyond the Basics

Do you have your motorcycle license, but want a little more confidence on your own bike before hitting the road? Just getting back into motorcycling after taking some time off? Looking to check out what a track day is all about, but want to try it in an easy-paced and controlled environment to see if you're ready?

If this is you, come check out our new course: RoadRider 2.0 - Beyond the Basics

This 1-day course includes the following exercises and activities:

  • Walking you through a quick bike inspection of your own bike,
  • Working with you on some useful maneuvers like tight circles, collision avoidance and emergency braking,
  • Focusing on correct vision techniques during all of the exercises,
  • Giving you practical instruction on group riding where we use the track as a simulated 2-lane road,
  • Working on more advanced skills such as cornering, street lines, and track lines,
  • Both classroom time and practical experience where all exercises are done on your own bike.

You'll finish up your day with a controlled tour around the track on the racing line, giving you a taste of what it's like to get out there on your own bike without the intimidation of having other riders speeding by.

Courses will be held in conjunction with selected trackdays put on by Z2 Trackdays and are currently limited to 8 participants per class. For more availability, please check out the calendar.

March 27th at Sonoma

June 11th at Thunderhill

September 2nd at Sonoma

October 22nd at Sonoma

Course Checklist

Your gear should be good street gear - boots that cover your ankles,
sturdy jacket and pants, gloves, and helmet. Look at the weather
forecast for the day and make sure you have appropriate gear for the
weather.  If its going to be hot out, consider buying or borrowing a
mesh jacket.   We will still run this course whether its raining or
not so be prepared.

Your bike doesn't need to be track prepped but should be in good
working order with no leaks or stuff falling off. Make sure your tires
are in good shape too - they don't have to be new but bald is not ok.

Other stuff:
You may want to bring some snacks, water and electrolyte replacement drink.

At the track

Registration: Registration will be at the same place as the track day
sign in area but let them know that you are with the Roadriding 2.0
school. Registration will need to be completed before the beginning of
the class so get to the track a little early.  Since this is an all
day class you won't need to set up a pit area unless you want to.

Time: Classes will start at the same time as the riders meeting for
the trackday, usually at 8:15am.  Listen for announcements for the
riders meeting and the location of the RoadRiding 2.0 class.

For more information contact:

Come and see for yourself. Sign up now. What are you waiting for?

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