Friday, 30 August, 2013
Beautiful time to be at Sonoma Raceway. RR2.0 available today too. No discounts available today.

A/B VIP Group

August 30, 2013 @ Sonoma
See what it's like to be a Z2 Season Pass holder. Ride in Advanced and Intermediate all day!
Waitlist (Size: 0)


August 30, 2013 @ Sonoma
The fastest of the three groups, the Advanced Group is for licensed racers or EXTREMELY experienced track riders.
Waitlist (Size: 1)


August 30, 2013 @ Sonoma
Group for experienced track riders. This group has riders who have many track days under their belts, who understand the rules and are comfortable with riding at a very quick pace.

Novice School

August 30, 2013 @ Sonoma
Group for experienced street-oriented riders who have only a small amount of track experience (or no previous track experience). This is our Novice School, which combines classroom instruction with a full on-track instructional program.

This is a fantastic introduction to track riding, and a required starting point for riders new to the track.

RoadRider 2.0

August 30, 2013 @ Sonoma
The next step beyond the MSF course. This is intended for riders who would like to gain more skill and confidence in their street riding and are not ready for a track day...yet!
Waitlist (Size: 3)

Generator Rental

August 30, 2013 @ Sonoma
Rent a Yamaha EF2000iS generator for the day. You supply gas and cords.
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