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Thanks to everyone at Z2 for an amazing day. This was my first track day and I couldn't have wished for better. The venue, organization and coaching was way beyond anything I expected. In particular, I appreciated the on-track instruction. Several times instructors took me to one side and pointed out areas for improvement. I even received instruction through sign language head down on the finish straight trying to ring the neck off my R1, while the instructor alongside looked like he was out for a Sunday cruise. You guys are clearly passionate about the sport and I'll be coming back for sure.
Saturday was the most fun track day I have ever been to!  It took me a while to gather confidence in my new bike and ride with "my speed". The last run of the session was the most memorable because one of your instructors hunted me down to show me how I can be faster and chasing him around the track was a riot!!! I look forward to signing up next season and trying to be a threat in the B group. On my last run the trainer said I turned into a shark in C group. That made my day.
Thank you very much!!
1. Well run, good groups, good pace, on time. 
2. Good instructor to rider ratio. You were quick to come alongside those who could use some help, and thereby keep them from getting in the way of other riders; as well as keeping the fast and not so fast from getting bunched up. Good job!
3. Very helpful and friendly spirit. Your "tone" of low-key and friendly management kept things light and loose throughout the day, and professional at the same time. Excellent!
4. Barbecue at the end was a nice, friendly touch.
Thanks, Steve
I was very surprised that each day stayed on schedule and everyone in each group was able to get their time in. Very fun weekend and good, grubbing food Saturday night!
Really had an AWESOME time learning new techniques and really improving my riding.  It was my first track experience and, well, I'm pretty much hooked :-)  Your instructors were very helpful and just all around cool to hang out with.  Made a big difference as a first timer to not get any "you suck" attitudes even though I know I'm in the C group.  We all start somewhere......
Please keep me up to date on any "C" group events you sponsor in the SF Bay (Laguna or Infineon) or ThunderHill tracks.  I'm ready for more.....
Thanks again,
Had one hell of a time. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Keep doing what you're doing!
Just wanted to shoot you guys a line to say thanks. That was one of the best trackdays I have ever been to. I’m still amazed at the low number of interruptions (yellow, red flags) there were and how close to the schedule you guys were able to keep it.  Even though I had less sessions, I still clocked in more miles than I normally do.  Be sure to let me know next time you guys do Laguna Seca!  Thanks! 
I think you guys did a great job. It was my first track experience and I am hooked - I will be back.
Thanks for putting on yet another epic Yamaha Owners Appreciation event.  I probably didn't mention it, but after the Miller event, I had sort of a revelation as to Yamaha's monumental commitment to customers, racing and the sport bike lifestyle. I was riding my R1 at Miller and it was just too much bike at the track for a beginner like me. Seeing all those R6's at Miller got me thinking….I ended up buying a used Graves R6 a few weeks later which is what I ran at Laguna Seca. The Laguna Seca event was easily the best track event I've ever been to or heard of.  From massage/stretch in the morning to the give aways to the BBQ, all on top of a killer track. Please do let me know when the next appreciation event is. Looking forward to seeing you guys next time!
Wow, what an awesome weekend.  I had a blast with all the other Yamaha owners.  I got some great tips from the instructors…The BBQ was great like usual.  I brought my track bike (R6) and my street bike (FZ1).  I got the suspension tuned on my FZ1 and took it for a few sessions too.  What a blast riding my street bike at track speeds.  That is something that you can only experience on the track…
You hit a home run, we all had a great time.  
Hi, thanks Z2 and YAMAHA for such a great event. It was wonderful. Everything was well-organized. Plenty of service at trackside. Instructors are nice and helpful. Wonderful barbecue. I even got a T-shirt and hat as souvenirs, that's sweet. It's just an awesome weekend overall. Looking forward to more events like this.
Thank you again Z2 and YAMAHA,
Thank you for the wonderful track day. I had a great time running at Laguna. I hope that you can continue to do this annually. It was a very fun track. I've met a lot of cool people and forum members (, and it was such a blast. The weather was great and the z2 staff are very friendly. Craig gave me some pointers on turn 2 that made me improve where I should end up and set for turn 3, and offered help if I need it. The bbq was good too, and it was an awesome experience as well. There's a thread on the r6-forum about the Yamaha appreciation day and a lot of people were envious that they were not able to go. Everyone that went, had different stories, videos and pictures to share. So hopefully we can do it again next year.
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! More Power to Z2 and Yamaha...
Hope to see you again soon...
Best regards,
Can’t express in words how I felt about the whole weekend. Big props to both Yamaha and Z2. That's a winning formula in my books. I look forward to more Yamaha/Z2 days. I can relive the entire weekend in my head, all of it was memorable.
Yamaha FTW!!!
Thanks again Z2.
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