We try to keep to the following procedure for our track days:

  • 07:00 Gates open. You will be asked to sign the track release. Please try to arrive at the track as close to 7:00 as you can.
  • 07:00 Registration opens. Go to registration where you will receive your event paperwork and legal documents. You will also receive your tech slip.
  • 07:00 Tech Inspections start. Take you, your bike, your tech slip (from registration) and your helmet to Tech Inspection. If everything is OK the tech inspector will attach the "passed tech" sticker to your bike.
  • 08:00 Rider's Meeting. The Rider's Meeting is compulsory for all riders and will provide an update on track conditions, general rules, rules of the day, flags, entrances and exits.
  • 09:00 First session on track. The sessions will rotate in the order of Advanced, Intermediate, Novice School. Each on-track session will be 20 minutes long
  • 16:40 Last session on track. The track goes cold at 17:00.

The first Novice School classroom is right after the Riders' Meeting while the Advanced and Intermediate groups are on track. Further Novice School classroom sessions are held after every on-track session.

Sessions will continue to rotate through the day with the exception of 12:00 - 13:00 which will be lunchtime.

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