What is a Track Day?

If this is your first time on a track with your motorcycle prepare yourself for an incredible experience. Coming to a track day is the perfect way to practice your skills and take you and your bike to the limit without the worries of normal street riding. It's a racetrack, you and your motorcycle.

Go as fast as you like--it's perfectly legal! And all the traffic is going one way. You won't find a car coming around the corner drifting onto your side of the road. And if you push too hard and ride off the side of the road, there are no drains, no telephone poles, no trees, no parked cars. Just plenty of room to come to a controlled stop.

If you're thinking that track days are only for squids and racers, you should come out and see for yourself. The track riding community is a uniquely friendly one and we see people on everything from the latest high power race bikes to cruisers and tourers practicing their skills in an environment safer than the street.

What is the Novice School?

Want to come but you've never been on a track? No problem. Our Novice School, which we run at every event, is specifically tailored to people who are good riders but don't have a lot of (or any) track experience. Our instructors are available to assist with everything, bike setup, 1-on-1 instruction or even just an occasional tip.

What is Roadriding 2.0 - Beyond The Basics?

Do you have your motorcycle license, but want a little more confidence on your own bike before hitting the road? Just getting back into motorcycling after taking some time off? Looking to check out what a track day is all about, but want to try it in an easy-paced and controlled environment to see if you're ready?

If this is you, come check out our new course: Roadriding 2.0 - Beyond the Basics

This 1-day course includes the following exercises and activities:

• Walking you through a quick bike inspection of your own bike,
• Working with you on some useful maneuvers like tight circles, collision avoidance and emergency braking,
• Focusing on correct vision techniques during all of the exercises,
• Giving you practical instruction on group riding where we use the track as a simulated 2-lane road,
• Working on more advanced skills such as cornering, street lines, and track lines,
• Both classroom time and practical experience where all exercises are done on your own bike.

You'll finish up your day with a controlled tour around the track on the racing line, giving you a taste of what it's like to get out there on your own bike without the intimidation of having other riders speeding by.

Courses will be held in conjunction with selected trackdays put on by Z2 Trackdays and are currently limited to 8-10 participants per class.  

Cost is $100 per person ($150 for Infineon).  For more information contact: karolyn@zoomzoomtrackdays.com

Come and see for yourself. Sign up now. What are you waiting for?

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