Sharing days with cars allows us more flexibility in our dates and pricing.  We usually run two bike groups and two car groups, however sometimes it’s two bike groups and just one car group (and occasionally we’ll be invited to a car day and we’ll have one bike group).

Combo bike/car days generally start sooner and end later.  Please read the information on the event page as well as the email sent a couple of days prior to your event for specific scheduling.

The track workers are very good about cleaning up any dirt or debris the cars might leave, while the car drivers are also conscientious about leaving a clean track for the motorcyclists.  It’s a slightly different vibe with lots of great camaraderie.

One of the great things about these events is getting to be a passenger in just about any of the cars that show up.  Bring your SO and let them see what it’s like to take some laps around the track.  Just ask any driver if they’ll take a passenger.  Most of them love to have the company. Choose which group you prefer and which type of car.  If you’re adventurous, you’ll look for the fastest driver and car combo out there!