What is a Track Day?

If this is your first time on a track with your motorcycle, prepare yourself for an incredible experience. Coming to a track day is the perfect way to practice your skills and take you and your bike to the limit without the worries of normal street riding. It’s a racetrack, you and your motorcycle.

If you’re thinking that track days are only for squids and racers, you should come out and see for yourself. The track riding community is a uniquely friendly one and we see people riding everything from the latest high power race bikes to cruisers and tourers, all practicing their skills in an environment that’s safer than the street.

What is the Novice School?

Want to come out and ride but you’ve never been on a track? No problem. Our Novice School, which we run at every event, is specifically tailored to riders with zero or only some track riding experience. Our instructors are available to assist with everything including bike setup, 1-on-1 instruction or even just an occasional tip.

What is RoadRider 2.0 – Beyond The Basics?

Do you have your motorcycle license, but want a little more confidence on your own bike before hitting the road? Just getting back into motorcycling after taking some time off? Looking to check out what a track day is all about, but want to try it in an easy-paced and controlled environment to see if you’re ready?

If this is you, come check out our unique course: RoadRider 2.0 – Beyond the Basics

This 1-day course includes the following exercises and activities:

• Walking you through a quick bike inspection of your own bike,
• Working with you on some useful maneuvers like tight circles, collision avoidance and emergency braking,
• Focusing on correct vision techniques during all of the exercises,
• Giving you practical instruction on group riding where we use the track as a simulated 2-lane road,
• Working on more advanced skills such as cornering, street lines, and track lines,
• Both classroom time and practical experience where all exercises are done on your own bike.

You’ll finish up your day with a controlled tour around the track on the racing line, giving you a taste of what it’s like to get out there on your own bike without the intimidation of having other riders speeding by.

Courses will be held in conjunction with selected Z2 Track Days events and are usually limited to 8-10 participants per class.

Cost is $125 per person for an entire day of training and fun. For more information contact: rr20@z2trackdays.com

You and your bike will need to meet the requirements listed below. All bikes and rider equipment are required to pass a technical inspection before being allowed onto the track. If, for any reason, you fail the technical inspection the first time, you may work on your bike to remedy the problem and ask for another inspection when you’re ready. While we make every effort to be reasonable, we will not allow an unsafe bike or unprotected rider onto the track, nor will we refund your reservation fee if you can’t pass inspection. In short, it is up to you to make you and your bike safe!

These are the minimal preparations required:

Mirrors taped or (preferably) removed.
Brake lights and tail lights unplugged or fuses removed (i.e. they must not work). If you are unable to disconnect the brake and tail lights, they must be THOROUGHLY taped over. That is, NEVER visible even in the slightest, even when the brakes are activated.
Headlight may remain untaped and functional with the exception of glass headlights, which must be taped.
Tires must be in good condition with plenty of tread.
Only DOT pavement, street or road racing tires allowed (no dirt bike knobbies, for example).
The valve stems on your wheels (where the air goes into the tires) MUST have caps (preferably metal with integral rubber grommet).
Wheel weights taped.
Hand-control levers must have ball ends at least 1/2 inch in diameter or, minimally, the ends of your levers must not be sharp which can cause injury.
Fully operational front AND rear brakes.
Functional engine kill switch on handlebar.
Kickstand must be spring loaded or otherwise self-retaining — it must not “accidentally” come down. A functional kickstand kill switch is strongly preferred on bikes with a kickstand (that is, bike will not start with the kickstand down, or kills the engine when the bike is put into gear with the kickstand down).
We highly recommend replacing your green anti-freeze with plain water, water with Water Wetter, or Yamalube pre-diluted coolant. You can get Water Wetter at almost any motorcycle supply store. Engine Ice is a good alternative too. While we do strongly encourage you to make this change, it is not a requirement for attending a Z2 Track Day.

If you have any questions about bike preparation please do not hesitate to contact us.

You and your safety equipment will need to meet the requirements listed below. All bikes and rider equipment are required to pass a technical inspection before being allowed onto the track. While we make every effort to be reasonable, we will not allow an unsafe bike or unprotected rider onto the track. Nor will we refund your booking fees if you can’t pass inspection. In short, it is up to you to make sure you and your bike are safe.
All riders must have the following:

Undamaged full face helmet with visor.
1 or 2 piece leather riding suit in excellent condition. If you have a two-piece leather suit, it MUST zip all the way around your waist if you ride in the Intermediate or Advanced group. If you ride in the Novice School, we STRONGLY recommend that it zip all the way around, but we’ll accept a partial zipper in the back of the suit. Your two piece suit MUST CONNECT IN ALL CASES. We will accept textile suits only in the Novice School (C group) and they must also connect at the waist.
Leather motorcycle gloves which must overlap arm of suit (gauntlet style).
Sturdy motorcycle or similar boots that must cover your ankle and preferably extend to mid-calf. Intermediate and Advanced riders must wear motorcycle specific boots.
Back protector either built into suit or separate.
Every rider must have full, comprehensive personal medical insurance (not just ER).
We also reserve the right to deny the use of any piece of equipment on track. Currently banned items include (but are not limited to): iPods or other music/content players, rider-to-rider communication systems, video capture devices, unless they are safely and securely mounted in a way that does not hinder rider movement.

If you have any questions about required safety equipment, please contact us.

We try to keep to the following procedure for our track days:

07:00 Gates open. You will be asked to sign the track release. Please try to arrive at the track as close to 7:00 as you can.

07:00 Registration opens. Go to registration where you will receive your event paperwork and legal documents. You will also receive your tech slip.

07:00 Tech Inspections start. Take your bike and your tech slip (from registration) to Tech Inspection. If everything is OK the tech inspector will attach your group sticker to your bike.

08:00 Rider’s Meeting. The Rider’s Meeting is compulsory for all riders and will provide an update on track conditions, general rules, rules of the day, flags, entrances and exits. The first Novice School classroom is right after the Riders’ Meeting while the Advanced and Intermediate groups are on track. Further Novice School classroom sessions are held after on-track session.

09:00 First session on track. The sessions will rotate in the order of Advanced, Intermediate, Novice School. Each on-track session will be 20 minutes long

4:40 Last session on track. The track goes cold at 5:00.

Sessions will continue to rotate through the day with the exception of 12:00 – 1:00 which will be lunchtime.

We supply the following items at all our track days, for every rider:

– Instructors. You can work with an instructor all day if you like, or maybe just get occasional tips. Your choice!
– Tire service by CTRacing/Pirelli — you can buy, fit and balance tires right at the track.
– Suspension setup. World-famous JPH Suspension can work with you to perform basic setup of your suspension.
– All our tracks have gas pumps as well.

Here’s your checklist for what to bring with you:

– Motorcycle and KEYS to your motorcycle. People can and DO forget their key. If you forget your keys we can sometimes get a locksmith out, but you’re not going to be on the track until at least 11am. So double check that you have the keys in your pocket as you drive away from your house!
– Canopy or some form of shade. Most tracks have buildings and communal canopies but if you’d like to rest away from where all the action is, get some shade.
– Lunch (or, you can purchase your lunch from the track grill).
– Toolbox. Common tools to perform minor work on your bike (for examaple, tools to remove your wheels if you’re planning on getting new tires at the track).
– Spares kit (if you have one). There’s no feeling as bad as doing something minor like tipping your bike over in the pit and having that be the end of your day because you snap a lever and don’t have a spare.
– Ramp(s) to load and unload your motorcycle (but there’ll be plenty there if you need to borrow one).
– Tire pressure gauge.
– An emergency contact sheet to leave in a highly visible location in your vehicle — just in case. This is especially vital if you’re coming by yourself.
– Gas. Your motorcycle uses more gas than you think when you have the throttle wide open.
– Helmet
– Boots
– Gloves
– Leathers
– Back protector. Easy to forget!
– Ear plugs if you use them. We recommend that you do; wind noise causes permanent damage to your hearing and distracts you.
– Miscellaneous spare fuses for your bike.
– Zip ties.
– Camera
– Cash (for purchasing photos, food, etc)
– When was the last time you lubed your chain?

We run rain or shine. So, regardless of how dire the weather report looks, you should plan on attending the event and having a great time. You may want to bring:

  • A rain suit to wear over your leathers
  • DOT or rain tires (we don’t recommend slicks in wet weather)
  • Extra dry clothes
  • Sunshiny attitude.

If any extenuating circumstances require that we cancel the event, we’ll email you as quickly as we can.

DON’T DO IT! Always ride within your abilities, let your tires get some heat in them and be courteous and safe with the other riders on track.

If you do have an off-bike excursion, we will TRY to get you back out on track as quickly as possible but if there is any damage to your bike or your safety equipment – or if you are injured in any way – your day will be done.

In short, YES! However, there are a few rules:

  1. You must be at least 13 for Thunderhill, 16 for Sonoma Raceway and 18 for Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. You MUST be PAST your birthday for these ages. “Only one week away” will NOT suffice!
  2. You must have BOTH parents sign our release/waiver and you MUST have at least one parent or legal guardian with you at the track.
    Download the waiver here.
  3. Your parent/guardian must be at the track with you all day.
  4. You must be an experienced and accomplished motorcyclist.

YES! We offer season passes and even custom packages. Prices are heavily discounted and spots are extremely limited.

GO BIG! The Z2 Track Days Season pass is awesome. Here’s what you get:
  • Ride in TWO GROUPS at every regular Z2 Track Day (some special events like Laguna and Yamaha are not included in the season pass).
  • One time registration and tech for the year. No more standing in line. Just show up.
  • Car/bike events are included (other than Laguna)
  • Sell up to 5 spots if you can’t attend (we’d MUCH rather you attend than sell!)
  • Got a friend who wants to try a track day? As a season pass holder, you get two free spots for brand new riders (Novice School only, has never done a Z2 track day, these spots are not for sale).
Price for a full 2018 Season Pass:  $1800
Track Day Junkie.

Brand new this year is our Track Day Junkie package. Think of it as a “Season Pass Light.” One spot, one group, every regular Z2 event. How great is that? No need to sign up for each event but you do go to registration and tech. These spots are not transferable so you can’t sell these spots or share with anyone else and any unused spots will not carry over into next year. 

Here’s the great part: The Track Day Junkie package is just $1200.

Tough to commit to an entire season all at once but you want to do multiple days? No problem. Send us an email and we’ll work out a custom deal for you.

These passes will sell out! Email us for more information: service@z2trackdays.com

Billing Policy:
Credit cards are billed immediately when you make a reservation. Credit card transactions appear on your statement as “Zoom Zoom.” If you have an issue with a charge on your card please contact us immediately so we can resolve the issue quickly and easily. Personal checks are no longer accepted. We DO NOT accept payment of any kind on the day of the event. You must be fully paid up before you go to the track.

Cancellation Policy:
You may cancel your trackday reservation for any reason and at any time up until 14 days (two weeks) before your event. To cancel, just send us an email (service@z2trackdays.com). As long as you email us at least 14 days before the event you wish to cancel, we can offer you two options:
1. Refund your credit card minus a 7% cancellation fee, or
2. Give you a full credit for another Z2 event within the same calendar year. In other words, cancellation credits will not carry over to the next year’s schedule.
If you just need to make a change to your riding group, send us an email and we’ll take care of it for you. If you need to change your day, you can email us for that too and we will gladly work to sort it out AS LONG AS THE EVENT YOU ARE CURRENTLY SIGNED UP FOR IS AT LEAST 14 DAYS AWAY!

Once we are within 14 days of an event, there are no cancellations, credits or transfers of any kind regardless of the reason. This policy is non-negotiable. Please make sure you are able to attend the event before you sign up. If (and ONLY if) there are people on the waitlist for your group, we’ll move the next person in to your spot and send you a credit for a future event. However, please don’t expect that situation.

Once you buy a spot, you own it. If you can’t make the event, you can sell your spot privately, give it away or do anything you’d like with it. We just ask that if you do sell your spot, you send us a quick email with the purchaser’s info so we can update the paperwork. Note that for some special events (e.g. Yamaha Customer Events), you may not be allowed to sell your spot so please work hard to attend the event you signed up for.

Waitlist: If you add yourself to a waitlisted event, you are committing to attend that events so be prepared to ride. If a spot opens up for you, we will bill your card immediately and send you an email confirmation. Do not sign up for multiple waitlisted groups “just in case” because you will be charged for all spots and you will not be able to cancel if the event is less than 14 days away. Also, if you are an Advanced rider and the Advanced group is sold out, DO NOT sign up for the Novice School just because it has open spots! You know better than that…

There are no refunds available for Season Passes, Ticket Packs or Gift Certificates. However, Season Passes do have limited transferability. To request a cancellation more than 14 days in advance, or to change the details of a reservations please contact us at service@z2trackdays.com