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“I took up riding for my husband…after attending 2.0 I’m riding for me.”

-Cheryl E.


We offer two levels of our Z2 RoadRider 2.0 courses: Beyond the Basics & Advanced Street Challenge. Both cover a broad range of advanced coaching.

Each 1-day course provides comprehensive training in all aspects of street riding. The best part of our class is our student to teacher ratio. We offer lots of 1:1 coaching and we keep the class sizes small so we are able to get to know the students and teach dynamically to the individual’s needs. Plus, we include two on-track sessions to practice what you’re learning in the safest and most amazing environment around – Sonoma Raceway!

This means essentially two things:

  1. Personalized coaching so whether you are a beginner or advanced rider, we teach to your ability and experience level.
  2. We are able to address every student according to what they need, filling the gaps of their riding knowledge outside of the standard curriculum.


“Riding on Sonoma Raceway was on my bucket list for years. So glad I got the opportunity.”

-Michael B.