If you’ve never been on a track with your motorcycle, be prepared for an incredible experience.
  • Coming to a track day is the perfect way to practice your skills without the worries of normal street riding.  No speed limit, no police, no minivans.
  • This is a structured day with various levels of riding groups from beginner to advanced.  We work on skills to enhance your street riding, as well as more advanced track riding skills.
  • We have plenty of instructors to assist you, no matter what your level of riding experience or the goals you are looking to achieve.
  • Taking your bike to the track will make you a better, safer, more confident and faster rider.  And our friendly staff, with many years of experience, will make you feel right at home.


Who can do a track day?

Anyone with at least basic motorcycle riding experience and general comfort level riding on the street and freeway.


Do I need a bike?

Typically, yes.  Almost any bike will do:  sport bikes, tourers, cruisers…some riders do rent, usually from Feel Like A Pro (FLAP) who come to most of our events.

Check them out at www.feellikeapro.com.


What is the Novice School?

Our Novice School is for new track riders with little or no track riding experience.  You will receive classroom instruction followed by track riding sessions.  Our instructors are available to assist you throughout the day, both on and off the track.


What is Z2 RoadRider 2.0 – Advanced Street Challenge Level 1?

Do you have your motorcycle license, but want a little more confidence on your bike?  Just getting back into motorcycling after taking some time off?  Looking to check out what a track day is all about, but want to try it in a controlled environment to see if you’re ready?  If this is you, come check out Z2 RoadRider 2.0 – Advanced Street Challenge.   Please see the Z2 RoadRider 2.0 section for more detailed info.


More questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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