Sonoma Raceway

Sat, 08/15/2020

Sonoma Raceway

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The 2020 Yamaha R/World Track Day is almost here!

Please read all the info below. No refunds are available for this event so if your total amount isn’t correct or if you have any questions, email us BEFORE you complete the checkout! (email is ALWAYS best).


Saturday August 15th will be ALL MOTORCYCLE BRANDS WELCOME!

  • Traditional 3 Group Day (Advanced, Intermediate, Novice)
  • Free 2020 Yamaha R/World Cap (while supplies last)
  • RoadRider 2.0 – Z2’s exclusive drills based street course for new street riders.
  • Yamaha Champions Sportbike Demos Available. Demo a YZF-R3, YZF-R6, YZF-R1, MT-07, MT-09, or MT-10 on the track.
    NOTE: Demo bikes are available to ride for one lead/follow session based on availability (signups are first come, first served at the track). Demo bikes are not available for one rider to ride all day. You must have your own bike to participate in the event. You must be a registered R/World participant in order to demo a new Yamaha.

$149 for Yamahas and $199 for other brands. Please make sure you use the correct code for your bike brand. We’ll be checking!

YOU MUST VISIT A PARTICIPATING DEALER IF YOU’D LIKE TO ATTEND. The dealers will have a special and unique single use discount code available that you’ll use when you sign up. You will need this code in order to unlock the special price for the day (one unique code per day so you’ll need two codes if you want to ride both days). Participating dealers are:

Please visit your local dealer in person to get your unique code and be sure to thank them for sponsoring this event.


In order for you to take advantage of the great pricing, you MUST have a coupon code from one of the above dealers. Please make sure you use the correct code for the day you are signing up for (Friday or Saturday). TELL YOUR DEALER WHAT BIKE YOU’LL BE RIDING (Yamaha or non-Yamaha). Each rider must create their own individual reservation with their own unique code. If you want to ride both days, you must create two separate reservations (one for each day) using two different codes or you won’t get the full discounted rate. If your price doesn’t look correct, email us BEFORE you check out or we can’t help you. No refunds will be available for this event so please make sure you can attend! We won’t be able to change your day or group either so, again, please make sure you can attend before signing up. Note: if your group shows sold out, keep checking back as spaces may open up or you can add yourself to the waitlist. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A DIFFERENT GROUP “JUST IN CASE” IF YOUR GROUP IS SOLD OUT!

Camping in the paddock will be available both Thursday and Friday night (although you may not be able to set up your pit until a bit later on Thursday night).

Limited garages will be available for $50 per side per day. Sign up at registration on the morning of the event. All garages are first come first served.

Don’t forget to read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

COVID-19 restrictions:

  • DO NOT COME TO THE TRACK IF YOU ARE SICK! If you appear sick, you’ll be asked to leave.
  • If you have been in direct contact with someone who’s corona-positive, please do not attend the event unless you’ve received a negative test yourself.
  • All attendees must wear a mask/face covering any time you are out of your pit or interfacing with any Sonoma or Z2 staff or other event attendees.
  • No spectating will be allowed at Sonoma Raceway. All attendees must stay inside their pit when not riding.
  • Appropriate social distancing must be maintained at all times. Please leave at least 10′ of space between pits.
  • With social distancing requirements in place, garages will not be able to accommodate a large number of riders/bikes. Typically garages should be limited to 3 riders/bikes per side.
  • All attendees must be pre-registered for the event. If you do not have a pre-confirmed space, please do not attend the event “just in case.” No walk-up registrations or spectators will be allowed.
  • Book with confidence. If Sonoma Raceway cancels the event, you will receive a refund.

Questions? Please email:


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